We Are Closed Until Further Notice

Sandbar opened in 1996 back when Grosvenor Street was an out-of the-way forgotten part of Manchester and partly occupies one of Manchester's last industrial era mills. We started out as a German and Belgian beer bar and at that time we had to import the beer ourselves and were the first to import beers such as Krombacher. These days we are more focused on local breweries and we are certainly spoilt for choice.We were voted the best pub / craft beer bar at the MFDF awards 2019


We are a cashless bar, accepting card payments. We do not accept cash.We now use YOELLO for table ordering and click & collect: YOELLO

Opening Times

Monday 12:00-00:00
Tuesday 12:00-00:00
Wednesday 12:00-00:00
Thursday 12:00-01:00
Friday 12:00-02:00
Saturday 12:00-02:00
Sunday 12:00-00:00

Monday bank holidays 16:00-00:00
Friday bank holidays 16:00-02:00

Vegan Beers

Most of the beers on draught are vegan. Please ask the staff at the bar for more information.

Environmental Responsibility

We genuinely care about the health of our environment and community and we regularly review our environmental impact with the aim of improving it.
We know there is a long way to go, but:
- our electricity supplier is Good Energy and is 100% renewable. They also supply us with green gas for our central heating.
- we got rid of our gas oven and now cook everything with electricity.
- we do not have straws
- our urinals are waterless
- our beer pumps run on O2 from a compressor instead of CO2
- we use low impact chemicals like ecover washing up liquids, floor soaps, etc
- our milkman delivers our milk in returnable bottles
- all our take away packaging is fully compostable
- we have significantly reduced the miles travelled by many of the products we buy
- where possible we buy organic and fairtrade and are particularly proud to be serving fairtrade cola on draught from Think Drinks in Bristol
- we encourage our staff to cycle to work, most of them do, and we support the maintenance of their bicycles

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